Resend Task Instructions

Resend Task Instructions
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Sometimes tasks run late because the assignee might miss the assignment emails or overdue reminders flowing in their inboxes.

A classic case is when a user is back from a long leave! Sending gentle reminders to Task Assignee is just a click easy!


Best Practice

Before resending the task assignment email, we recommend that you always @mention the assignee in the task notes and give them a heads up that you're sending the task again so it doesn't get lost!

Below is an example:




Can I send Task Assignment emails for tasks where dependency is not met?

Yes, whether or not dependencies are met (even hard dependencies) you can send the reassignment email and it will appear in the inbox.

Why is the date-time stamp of resent email not updating to the recent most email that was sent?

If the task assignment email has been sent previously using this option to re-send the assignment email the Date and time stamp that appears in the task details will only show the date and time of when the assignment was originally sent.



Do you use this feature? If so, tell us how below!

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