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  • 5 January 2024
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We are looking for a good “how-to” guide to present Guide to external clients who do not have tasks directly assigned to them. It may all seem overwhelming/confusing to them to look at a project and not have any tasks assigned.

Any tips/notes are helpful :) 

Thanks in advance! 


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Hi @knieberding! I love this question! 

Perhaps this article is helpful:

There’s also this video that you can leverage:

Finally, I recommend using this product tutorial in case you give someone the Compass experience:

Anyone from Lincoln Financial here??? (They’ve got a stellar video that is baked into their experience overview and it’s a cinematic masterpiece!)

@willpatterson how does your team do it?



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@knieberding - I’d be happy to tell you what we do!


Customers get added to projects shortly before our kickoff call with our Onboarding team, that way their invite email is right at the top of their inbox.  Our Project Managers have a slide dedicated to GuideCX that is very very high level. They make sure the customer signs in during the KOC and add any other stakeholders who would like visibility.


We also use the Experience Overview on our Templates to include lots of direction and many of the initial tasks that are assigned to our customers include screenshots and short descriptions on the actions we’d like them to take.

Our customers are NOT highly technical and in my experience they’ve had absolutely no problem navigating and engaging with our team through GuideCX.  And I think that’s a testament to how user friendly the compass experience is.  I was worried too about if this would be too much for them, but that hasn’t been the case.  In fact, we’ve been updating our templates to include MORE customer tasks. We were thinking about creating some knowledge base articles for GuideCX - but again, haven’t had the need.

Our enterprise accounts typically have their own project managers who are already well versed in project management tools and really appreciate the standard GuideCX Views. 


thank you @willpatterson and @emaynez! these are both super helpful :)