Out of Onboarding...What's next?!

  • 15 May 2024
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My team has a very dialed onboarding process.  However, our account management/ongoing customer success program could use some TLC.  Can anyone in this community point me to some resources that can help us learn about best practices for customers outside of onboarding?  We are looking for recommendations on PLN’s, books, articles, podcasts, blogs, etc. that you have found beneficial.  Thank you in advance! 

4 replies

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Congrats on graduating onboarding, @mayres

@jjmcdev @willpatterson @bnpguidecx might have some recommendations!

As far as my recommendations, I really like the content that @JeffKush and @Rod Cherkas share on linkedin. (They have a lot of really great insights regarding onboarding!)

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Thanks for the mention! 

@mayres I have a lot of topics in my podcast:

and blog:


Let me know if any of that doesn’t cover it, and I am happy to chat and point you in the right direction :)

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Oh! I love talking CS and post-sales!  There’s so much community and support out there, so don’t worry.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts:

There are also a bunch of Slack communities as well. The Gainsight Admin Community is strong and while mostly centered around the Gainsight platform - they discuss a lot of platform agnostic topics:

ChurnZero has a User Community - but I think you have to be a CZ Customer to join?

Gainsight has a public User Community, similar to GuideCX’s.

Intercom has a really strong and public user community:

And while not a CSP or Support platform - there are Customer Advocacy Platforms like Influitive (similar to Insidded, Higher Logic) that have really strong user communities too. I’ve learned a lot from Influitive’s VIP community.

Hi Everybody! Thank you for these suggestions.  I have already read some of @JeffKush blog posts and found some helpful nuggets.  I’ll share these with my team and dive in.