OPEN for FEATURE TIP FRIDAY: Manually Resending Task Assignment Emails - Customers not completing tasks on time? Applying these Best Practices could help!

  • 13 October 2023
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No one likes to get called out by the teacher!! If you practice to message customers on late tasks within 1-3 days of a task becoming overdue, you increase the chances of on time task completion for all future tasks because your customer realizes you’re keeping a close eye! But don’t spam the resend button 😅 . Leave a note first and then hit resend and give them the opportunity to act. Rinse and repeat for future late tasks.  Check out Best Practices below! 



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I would like to add a spicy pro-tip here: ​​​​​​​

cc the customer’s boss. That’ll get them to complete the task haha 🤣


Seriously though. Invite the “Executive Sponsor” and if a task is running super late then I always loop the executive sponsor back in so they can see that a task is late