GUIDEu: GUIDEcx University. Level up your onboarding skills here!

  • 23 February 2023
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How to Access GUIDEu:

  1. Log into GUIDEcx

  2. Click on the SUPPORT tab on the lower left hand corner

  3. Click on GUIDE UNIVERSITY, this will take you to GUIDEu.

  4. Start your assigned courses! What if I don't see any courses? Check this article out to troubleshoot.


  • What is GUIDEu? GUIDEu is where you go to learn best practices and other pro tips on GUIDEcx. There are several courses to learn from, each designed to be worked on in the cracks of your busy schedule.

  • What courses are available? To learn more the available courses, click here.

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