GUIDEPost: Revising the Project Start Date in presence of DONE tasks

  • 6 October 2023
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Q: I have updated my project start date to reflect a new, later date, and I see the correct (revised) dates in the Project Overview:

  • Project Start Date reflects the new start date I’ve entered
  • Planned End Date also reflects the new end date I’ve defined
  • Forecasted End Date is also automatically updated to reflect the new start date

For example, from Project Start Date = 5/19/23

To Project Start Date = 1/1/2024


But why do I still see some start dates in the project reflecting the original project start date?

For example, I see date information relating to the original start date in:

  • Some Milestone Headers
  • Some Task cards
  • The GANTT Viewer


A: This is likely because 1 or more of the following causes:

  1. Any tasks that were already marked DONE prior to your revision of the project start date, REMAIN DONE on their DONE date.
  2. Any tasks with dependencies on those ‘previously-marked-DONE’ tasks will also show that they can start on dates as soon as possible after their input dependencies.
  3. As a result, if the conditions above are met, then you will see those DONE task dates reflected properly in the Milestone headers, Task cards, and GANTT viewer.


Please note: If you decide to revise tasks that were already marked DONE (i.e., prior to your project start date revision) back to status = NOT STARTED, and then immediately change their status back to DONE, then their ‘new’ start dates will incorporate your new project start date and any dependencies involved. 

1 reply

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This is amazing! Thank you for the pro tip @bobm! I can’t wait to put this in action!