Can you add a customer logo after the project template has been created?

  • 26 June 2024
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Hi there, 


I feel like a crazy person because this answer feels like it should be obvious. 

I created a new Project from a template and skipped over uploading a logo assuming I could do it later when I have more time and now I can’t figure out how to do it. Is it even possible? When I go to Edit Project Details I don’t see this as a possibility, but I am still relatively new to the platform and definitely not an expert yet! 

Thanks in advance! 

Anna Lise

3 replies

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Great question Anna Lise (and if I’m not mistaken first post on the community here 😊)! Was the logo upload in the project creation on the “Customer” step (see below), or something else?

If so, try navigating to the Program Management on the left-navigation bar, searching for that Customer, edit and upload the image there.  

So glad to see you come into the community for some help and best practices. The support chat is also a great resource for questions related to GUIDEcx should be doing something that it’s not (totally hypothetically speaking of course!). 

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Here is a help article to check out how to do this. 

@dthompson that worked!! 

And yes, first time poster, long time lurker! 🤣